What is MUS?

MUS the Shina Inu

You might be wondering what MUS stands for. MUS means 'mouse' in Danish. Why 'mouse' when you are selling a dog product?

Hi, my name is Ai and I'm the creator of the MUS company. MUS is a nickname of my Shiba Inu. Her actual name is Uni (=sea urchin in Japanese). It's getting confusing? My partner is from Denmark and therefore, we call our Shiba girl 'Unimus' or 'Miss Mus.'

MUS is often times used to describe a cute little being and Danish people like to put 'MUS' at the end of the name of any lovable little creatures. That could be your daughter, son, cat, fish, and so on. Our company has Scandinavian-Japanese roots although we are based in California. 

MUS ID Process

We are a small company selling our first product, Copenhagen Treat Pocket. Our company takes an industrial design process, which means the product is not white labeled, it is our original design. While many other pet companies buy their products directly from the factory, we design and craft, develop forms in 3D tools, choose our materials, and test physical prototypes many times before going into production. Thoughtful design is our mission.

We are very proud of our Treat Pocket being the first product and we have many more concepts in progress. MUS is a lifestyle company that thoughtfully designs dog products from the ground up for humans and their savvy dogs.